Director - Narrative

All Hallows Eve : Short Film // Directorial Debut - 10Min RT 

An 1800s American period short film, inspired by the Irish folk tale of Jack O’ Lantern and poem by D. Lee Brandt. The plot follows Jack as he finds himself confronted with the Devil and his ultimate sacrifice to save his soul, only to be condemned to roam the Earth as the undead. Kickstart Funded Campaign. 







DOPE CITY : Drugs in LA - Mini Series // Director - Playboy

Los Angeles is the drug bottleneck that bleeds into other parts of the country, its population and proximity to Mexico making it a significant hub of hard narcotics–methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin–on their way to regions as far as the East Coast and Australia. In this one city, you can follow the hands that the drugs pass through as they go from top cartel affiliates all the way down to a user on the streets.